Hong Kong Date: 2020/10/23
Company Background
3D Lenticular printing products have been known and used in anywhere anyhow as advertising, gifts & premiums, stationeries, packing industries and so on.Because 3D products produce the best result on visual sensation, focus, target and to make a strong impression for your needs by 3D which are flipping, motion, rotating, morphing, etc
LPI 3D Printing Ltd required your idea and opinion to make full use of our knowledge and ability for any customers. Also we are devoting and innovating to bring latest and unique 3D products for our customer and the general public.
LPI staffs have a wealth and advanced of technology, knowledge and experience dealing with over 20 countries more than 10 years. Please let us assist you to prove that LPI is the best in 3D printing industry so contact us now !
Advanced Merits
Our Facilities:
-Heidelberg 5-color x 1
-Komori LITHRONE S40 5-color x 1
-Afa Galileo VS CTP x 1
-Agfa Anapurna UV curable flatbed printer x 1
-Agfa Grand Sherpa 50 x 2
Resolution LPI (lens per inch):
Using Agfa SelectSet AVANTRA output 400lpi CMYK film (traditional 300lpi is widely used)
and CTP /Agfa-Galileo VS CTP
 Color Proof
 Output Dept.
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