Hong Kong Date: 2020/10/23

We design and suppliers all our displays are tailer made for each customer...

*The POP Infoshade System

*Customers need information.

*Delivers more information in limited display spaces.

*Display information in an interactive and fun format.

*A unique and innovative way to offer product selections guides, reinforce brand equity or higlight product features.

*Infoshade can easily be integrated into fixtures and displays using one of the many attachments available.

Standard size available and OEM size are welcome

Mini -Housing width Size:5 1/18" (133mm) and Shade Size:89mm * 311mm

Standard -Hosuing width Size:6 1/2"  (165mm) and Shade Size:122mm*311mm

Large -Hosuing width Size:10 1/8" (260mm) and Shade Size:216mm*336mm



Retail Shelving

A unique way to offer product selection guides, reinforce brand equity or highlight product features.

Display and Fixtures

Integrate into fixtures and displays to offer more information if area is limited

Product placement

Affix directly to products to provide consumers detailed information and product specifications

Frame Standard Format


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